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You Go Larry

Posted on: November 9, 2009 8:04 pm
Edited on: November 9, 2009 8:39 pm
   I just read that Larry Johnson was released by the Kansa City Chiefs...... PLEASE!!! How can an organization whos name is a racial slur release a player for making a gay slur ? I mean how many times have you heard the statement "Whats up Chief" . when someone greets a Native American. And why do we call them Native Americans ? They were here before we named this country United States of America . So they should be called Natives.
   How many times have you heard "Thats so Gay" .Its become a normal part of our language . I'm pissed that the Homosexuals hijacked the word" Gay "anyways .Are they so much more happier than us normal folks? It seems that homosexuals are very unhappy we should call them "Unsatisfieds" or" Moody".And what is with the Hijacking of the Rainbow as a symbol of their sexual preference? I can hear the uproar of all the Leprechauns now .Whats a short ,green Irishman to do ?
   Alls i ever hear is how unfair the world is to Homosexuals .They called us a name BOO HOO!! They wont let us get married Boo Hoo!!! they wont let us hang out at rest stops BOO HOO!!!! Now they are complaining about how Football players talk .Listen up Homosexuals .Football is a manly sport and we don't need any cremepuffs telling us how to intract with each other.We should come to an agreement .I wont watch Syncronized Swimming or Figure Skating and you wont watch Football or Boxing .If you want to be involved in Football .Pool all your money and buy the Green Bay Packers And move them to Golden Gate City . And you can call them the San Fransisco Packers  . Oh my god but that name is a Gay Slur!!!! ................PLEASE!!!!
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